kthread cooks: work that cupcake

To paraphrase Mary J. Blige, there are so many people I hear have been running from the beautiful cooks they could be becoming.

And so I offer my new vlog, kthread cooks, where I plan to make groovy food for the hungry, hungry interwebs in my vintage kitchen.

We begin with a royal recipe, ChockyLit’s wonderful lemon cupcakes with toasted meringue frosting, removing the bitters and sorrel syrup—for another time—and adding dulce de leche, blackberries, and mint leaves to create queenly cupcakes in the colors of Mardi Gras.

The traditional Mardi Gras dessert is a king cake (g√Ęteau des Rois) baked with an embedded bibelot (often a plastic baby figurine) that promises the finder special privileges and luck for the year. With these baby cakes, the surprise is a soft meringue over a layer of dulce de leche.*

It’s okay to show yourself some cupcake love:
ChockyLit lemon cupcake recipe
this episode on vimeo (in HD) or blip.tv
queen cupcake wallpaper on Flickr
drink pairing: champagne in a can

Thoughts on the show? What are your favorite kinds of cupcakes?

*For those insistent upon burying something, the blackberry can be hidden within the meringue rather than on top.

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