transformative light in Miami

Last night, my friend Jenne invited me to the Dot Fiftyone gallery opening of an exhibit from MoonStar called “Transforming Light” in the design (Wynwood art) district of Miami.

There is a severe sense of fabulous in some Miami areas, where women dress entirely in white, there is always a rooftop beckoning with undulating conversation in many languages, a highlighted liquor in the drinks being passed (last night, rum), and the sense that the heat rising from streets can somehow be contained, shaped, repurposed.

But I’ll let video tell this short story—if you live in Miami, the exhibit runs this Saturday through August 12th (51 NW 36th Street, Facebook event page) and is worth a visit, if only for my favorite Tetris piece—

(see the rest of the story after the jump)

wait for the fanciful object seemingly left by Edward Scissorhands (Jenne and her friend (and happily, my new acquaintance) Stefanie are in the beginning),

my favorite, a Tetris game by Max Gomez Canle of cities and skylines, as if buildings were scraped from the sky (the ongoing construction in Miami does transform light patterns as you discover when walking the city):

burnt pages next to plastic ties affixed to a pole light:

Sebastien Laboureau explained why the rooftop is liberating:

and we enjoyed beautiful burrata at Michael’s Genuine afterwards:

I’m lucky to work with the lovely Jenne and beginning to piece together what Miami—this strange amalgamation of culture, beauty, danger, and fascinating people—holds for those of us who have, like the buildings in the citified Tetris, dropped from the sky to fit into this game logic…

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