kthread cooks: scallops and mangoes

For Bastille Day, let us liberate mangoes from the realm of the sweet, scallops from the savory, and join them in equal measure with bacon.

This tripartite celebration was inspired by the mango tree outside my magic cottage and the mango festival at Miami’s Fairchild Garden.

(To watch it in HD–it looks much better–go here).

scallop/mango wallpaper on Flickr

drink pairing: champagne (for the champagne mangoes)

salt recommendation: Sel Gris and Hawaiian red

How do you celebrate Bastille Day? Other mango recipes I should bring to the kthread kitchen?

  1. cf says:

    Seared scallops with pesto and squid ink black linguine are my favorite. Glad you found my blog K, I’ve linked up to you!

  2. Kristen says:

    Laura, sorry to miss your weekend adventures, they looked amazing—and your scallops wrapped in bacon = rad (we were both thinking bacon too, so unusual for both of us). Can’t wait to make those with you sometime.

    Chris, I’ve linked back to you in the blogroll (everybody, Jessica pointed me at Chris’s blog, How to Teach Yourself to Swim; like hers, it’s a great read). Squid ink linguine is one of my favorites too, though it can be hard to source squid ink.

    Chris, I’m thinking about our comments on your blog earlier—doesn’t video sort of bring you into my house, my kitchen in a way? We are linked through Jessica, but you can already tell my mannerisms, etc. I’m thinking about how video pushes boundaries lately…

  3. cf says:

    This is a good question. Does it bring you into my house, or me into yours? If it’s me into yours, we’re tapping voyeurism, if it’s you into mine, we’re tapping fantasy, or replicated experience. Simulacrum. It’s also interesting to think of closeness as a series of degrees, and different media mitigating or exacerbating that notion. For me, I feel like it’s you coming to my house, but I’m not sure how close it makes me feel. It may make me feel closer to have something someone has touched, like a letter.

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