the deliciousness of patience

I have been waiting for it, hoping that I would return from my travels in time.

And as if nudged by the new moon and the total eclipse of the sun, this morning I opened the front door of the magic cottage to see this:

purple lily outside the magic cottage's front door

Sometimes the only thing that makes sense about Miami to me is this beautiful cottage where I live, and somehow I knew a purple flower would bloom in the pond two steps from my door. Each one is marked with a diamond within a diamond, to give the effect of many eyes/irises protecting the entrance.

They remind me of Fernanda ViĆ©gas’s beautiful Many Eyes visualization tool that I have been exploring lately (worth some of your Saturday afternoon).

And now, I am off to meet friends who have told me to drive “until the turnpike ends.” Where will I be then, I wonder, when the road gives way? Wish me luck…

Update: Al tells me this is a water hyacinth.

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