painting with light in dolores park

My ongoing love affair with San Francisco grew stronger last night as I made letters and shapes with light sources and other photography enthusiasts in Dolores Park.

I'm writing with light

Organized by the great online photography community of JPG mag, the cult camera purveyors Lomography, and my inspiring friend Amit Gupta and the wonderful Photojojo newsletter crew, fifty people arrived at dusk to paint the park with lights of varying sizes and shapes.

I freestyled for a bit on my own (hidden behind the light above and below),


and then Amit took this of me,

amit took this of me

before writing his name (this is difficult to do and Amit, of course, managed it on the first try).

amit writing his name (i think this is awesome)

A little later, as the sky darkened further, Kelly of Photojojo (she’s great) came over and wrote her name,

kelly of photojojo (she's really great)

and then more people I had just met stepped in front of my camera, Christian forcefully writing pi,

writing pi

gracefully scrawling a nickname (Crystal is my friend David Sasaki‘s sister and this is his nickname for her),

crystal writing her nickname

and carefully drawing the three letters in Crystal’s friend Zon’s name.


LED lights were shared; ambitious group photos were attempted; small groups clustered across the park, helping each other tweak camera settings and exposure lengths, appreciatively admiring the results of the photographers around them.

The streaks of light last night made visible the way I see the beautiful energy of this city—swirling above and around those who live here, who also make space for those of us who pass through as often as we can—

my loops

More photos in my Flickr set; explore more Flickr photos on lightpainting and thanks again to Amit for letting me borrow his tripod and generally bringing the awesome—

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