glazes, skate ramps, and drumming women

Yesterday morning, I went to the Charlottesville farmers’ market and almost bought beautiful figs.


It was too difficult to choose between the tomatoes


that stretched out in breathtaking rows at Waterpenny Farms and Radical Roots.

row after row of beautiful tomatoes

I reluctantly left this place of thoughtful people and food, and drove to the District, where I came upon a group of women drumming.

Very inspired by these drummers, I thought about my friend Amanda’s recent post pondering the possibilities for the future of art communities in this area.

For a late lunch, I think there’s quite a bit of artistry in the food here, beginning with a perfectly spiced chili that tops “half-smokes” and hot dogs at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U street.

An unexpected hit of spice and the very finely diced onions recommend a vanilla milkshake,

ben's half-smoke and a vanilla milkshake

which paled in comparison, though, to a later concoction with a tender crumb emerging from my friend Laura’s kitchen–a cake glazed with white chocolate that she decorated artfully:

The cake joined an incredible variety of dishes brought by the eleven dinner party guests who arrived at our friend Kevin’s house, including insalata caprese, homemade spring rolls, and fig bruschetta.

Remember when Rachel explained on July 4th how the fig trees behind her house wouldn’t ripen? Now they have (and make lovely bruschetta toppings):

Then, the eternal question: cake or pie?

cake and pie

Fueled by both, Laura and I made our way (via a bar that played exclusively Madonna tracks while we were there) to an art gallery in a hidden alley with skate ramps inside and outside, to see our friend Chris Bishop‘s new art and celebrate his birthday.

My friends Cameron, Morgan, and Nina were worth a rather interesting exploration of the area to find the gallery space itself,

cameron at the gallery

and the dashing Cameron took this picture of Laura, Morgan, Nina (with a rad unicorn necklace), and me as we sat and caught up as the skaters whizzed by behind us.

cameron took these: laura, morgan, nina, kristen

Perhaps, like the figs Rachel resourcefully ripened, it is only a matter of time until the many pockets of underground art buzzing around the District come to fruition…

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