It begins with the pink panther theme from across a Chicago intersection.

I went up the L platform to meet my friend Brian, a groovy cat himself, and off we went to Pilsen, a Chicago area with notable Mexican food, in a city of very notable Mexican food.

Passing the rainbow building, we went to the “goat place” and had goat and cabeza (below) and consomm√©, the cure for the refrigeration of conference rooms and uninspiring box lunches.

cabeza in pilsen

Brian pointed out wonderful detail on buildings as we walked (I’m very taken by these four mythical women hand-painted on the doorways).

building in pilsen

building in pilsen

building in pilsen

building in pilsen

And then there was painting in progress,

building in pilsen

building in pilsen

and a plate of tender barbacoa down the street,

amazing barbocoa in pilsen

and Kristoffer’s tres leches cake so rich the milk almost spilled onto the plate.

kristoffer's tres leches cake

Then, we headed over to a Vocalo party at WBEZ headquarters at Navy Pier and watched the sun disappear behind Chicago skyscrapers.

navy pier

Walking back, I watched a rather masculine fountain spew,

masculine fountain

and we stumbled upon the First Chicago International Poster Biennial:

My favorite part of the day, though, was inside the fountain, watching the blurred buildings through the colored water. Stray drops fell on my arms, and maybe it was the river, but I think this is a city where the transitions between who you were and what you may be are watery and fluid…

Until next time, charming Chicago—

p.s. If you recognized the title of this post, then we are friends…

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