the coat poem I didn’t write

The poetry world is rather upset this week about the “pirated poetry anthology” Issue 1, published as a .pdf (3,785 pages) by Stephen McLaughlin and Jim Carpenter.

A Kristen Taylor is included, and her poem on page 104 is titled “Coats made without courage”.

I find the project amusing and imagine the editors rounded out the collection by scraping the interwebs for those of us who occasionally put up poems or are linked to poets with an online presence.

As for consuming this voluminous mass of words, editor Stephen McLaughlin recommends; “If you’re up to it, I’d suggest gulping the magazine whole, for 83 straight hours of transcendent poetic revelry reflecting the whole panoply of human achievement, emotion, wistfulness, and athletic achievement.”

If you’d like to read poems I have written, I post them here (scroll down).

For example, I did attempt a triolet (ABaAabAB) a few years back:

a pretty hewn town

and someone laughed, and someone paid
and some one cleaned the mess we made
we knew the chef and so we stayed
and someone laughed, and someone paid
and someone struck, and someone played
and someone slept and someone strayed
and someone laughed, and someone paid
and some one cleaned the mess we made

And, anyway, a poem I wrote about coats would do more to allude to Yeats’s “A Coat”–I am happy for the editors to have caught my name, but as for the poem, they wrought it. And let them take it, for there’s more enterprise in browsing the real work of the included poets.

If I were you, I’d start with one of my favorite poets, Alan Michael Parker and his “Love Song with Motor Vehicles” (this is the title piece of a wonderful collection)…

p.s. His purported poem is on page 2635 of the anthology.

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