On Friday night, I was transfixed listening to Dave Brubeck coaxing jazz with his unique time signatures from a piano on stage right—at 88, he riffs playfully, hunched over at first, then gracefully moving from one end of the keys to the other—

And I woke up this morning thinking about what I might be at 88; likely, I will still attend morning yoga class, sport millinery and other headgear, and, I hope, keep company with shimmering, silly friends like the ones I joined today at a tea room.

You might think a visit to a tea room a bit staid, boring even; not the case when dissecting cake varieties with Jenne, Jess, and Al.

Presenting today’s cakes at the “Famous Tea Room” of Cauley Square in South Florida:

And here is our esteemed panel’s reaction to the lemon cake’s decoration:

On a serious sugar crescendo, we exited the tea room to admire the tall topiaries of ladies with parasols,

parasol topiaries at the tea room

and swan topiaries that seemed to need a bit more attention.

staring at swan topiary

Feeling as though we were wandering a movie lot, we found fountains,

there might have been three pennies in the fountain

that Jenne performed a shawl dance near,

and music from hidden speakers that sent Jess and Jenne spinning.

I learned that honey is an always food (it never expires);

Jess found stars,

jess pointing to stars

that upon closer inspection look like webs,

stars and stripes

and then we were off to nearby Redland Market—the flea market with food vendors:

at the redland market

sacks of beans and spices,

at the redland market

unknown fruits.

at the redland market

Jess buried her face in cilantro,

jess and her cilantro

and laughed with Jenne at our sugarcoaster of a day, loud laughter that I hope will continue at least until we are all octogenarians…

jenne and jess at the market

  1. Jenne says:

    O my goodness it WILL it MUST! I love the photo of Jess with the cilantro- radiant! I love you both and am glad to have such experiences. We will continue on, when we are all famous and ingrained in our destiny. It will not be without each other!

    PS-The cake looked like it had corn on it. I don’t care what they say! My tummy still hurts from the fried chicken, though. Smooches!

  2. Kristen says:

    Jenne, I’m with you on the corn decoration—we have the cake video as evidence. Hope you feel better today, so new impromptu shawl dances can be danced :)

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