announcing knight pulse

VoilĂ , the project I have been working on these few months at the Knight Foundation:, a place to discuss the future of information—to talk about new ways to give, share, find, and receive information we need. We’re posting video conversations to start off, and we’ll build tools the community wants next.

All mistakes are mine, of course, and the site is very much in beta, a grand experiment, but I could not have launched this project without the mentoring and sage advice of:

Brian Oberkirch, who reminded me to build first for the users of the site and their experience,

Susan Mernit, who taught me how to include everyone in the process and has been an incredible and enthusiastic mentor,

Ethan Zuckerman, who has explained so many intricacies of philanthropy,

Lisa Williams, who outlined what potential community members may need and gave smart ideas for future iterations of Pulse,

Craig Stoltz, who asked the crucial questions about refining audience and expectations,

Andrew Pratt, who helped me think through the ‘about’ page and wouldn’t let me hide information within video,

Victor d’Allant of the Skoll Foundation’s Social Edge community site, who offered practical advice on adjusting for the community that powers a site,

and David Sasaki, who reflected it would be hard to choose between Pulse and the new Pop!Tech Hub, a project-based network for social innovation from that thoughtful community. I hope the two networks can inform each other in future phases, as I have enormous respect for the Pop!Tech community and am excited to see the good work the Hub will nurture.

Below is a Knight Pulse screenshot—we’re waiting for you…

Knight Pulse screenshot (

And, a big thank you to the fine team at Development Seed, a Drupal shop I recommend highly and have really enjoyed working with building Pulse.

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