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Rather than the ubiquitous sweets surrounding this season, I’m craving umami, the indulgent fifth taste that I close my eyes to savor.

This is a stack of recipes that I combine into hors d’oeuvres, but anchovy aioli and chicken liver pâté are always nice to have on hand—whether or not you assemble them on toasted bread with slices of hard-cooked eggs between. Be sure to tuck some away for impromptu sandwiches in the reveling that continues into early hours…

Recipe: For pâté: roughly chop 1 onion, cook over med-high until translucent. Put in food processor. Add 1 lb. chicken livers to pan, cook 3-4 minutes each side, add to processor. Process both until smooth, season. For aioli: drop 2 cloves garlic into whirring food processor; add one egg, process 10 seconds. Pour in ~1 cup of canola or vegetable oil, continue to process until thick (about 45 seconds); I add 1 tsp anchovy paste and season. For hard-cooked eggs: put eggs in pot, cover with cold water, bring to simmer for 7-8 min, drain, shake in pot to crack shells, cover in cool water for 3 min, remove, unpeel. Slice. To prepare: toast slices of baguette or brioche, spread with pâté, add egg slice, dollop small amount of aioli, top with sprouts or watercress.

listening recommendation: The Postmarks

reading recommendation: one of Donald Finkel’s collections

umami miami wallpaper on Flickr

drink pairing: something fizzy

salt recommendation: Hawaiian red

I brought these to a party on Hibiscus Island yesterday—see where these take you–

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p.s. Your favorite holiday hors d’oeuvre? What foods are you craving right now?

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