year three: there was a star danced

Today, turns three. As is tradition (from her first and second birthday celebrations), I’ve given her gifts: a new verb menu above with a few new pages and a greener header image. More presents to come later in the year.

Thank you for this incredible year of gifts–your comments, your support of the kthread cooks show (on Miro), and your openness to food adventures during my 2008 travels made for a spectacular ride.

Like the title of the soundtrack song by Bag Raiders in the video below, you are all shooting stars. We begin with Sir Tim Berners-Lee using a Flip cam for the first time–

In order of first appearance (you are quite the cast of characters in my life): Holmes Wilson, Nicholas Reville, Ben Bateman, Keicy Tolbert, George Kelly, John Havard, Jeremy Grimm, Laura Hertzfeld, Chris Messina, Susan Mernit, Katrina Taylor, Jeannine Harvey, Brian Oberkirch, Brian Boyer, Rosental Alves, Stewart Pillow, Pilar Guzman, Andrew Pratt (hand), Margaret Rosas, Mascot of NextSpace, Jessica Goldfin, City of Chicago with John Havard’s voice, Andrew Hyde, Helen Dunn, Amber Tatum, Kassandra Taylor, Jenne Hebert, the Michelin Man, Nina Walia, Austin Bike Zoo at Maker Faire, Morgan Weiland, DC Freshly Squeezed skater, Reid Leslie, David Sasaki, Jordan Taylor, Dana Wheeles, Cameron Nordholm, Amit Gupta, Michael J. Fox, Conch Lady, Old Couple in Cambridge, Matching Sock Trio, Downtown Miami Street Artists Jess and Jenne.

VIP commenters making their debut in next year’s video: Amanda Hirsch, John Jackson, Jessica Smith

I’m in love with us. What shall we do more of this coming year on kthread? Favorite happenings from this year? Onward!

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