fresh like frilled linen

frilled orchids

The narrator’s words in Mrs. Dalloway (“How fresh like frilled linen clean from a laundry laid in wicker trays the roses looked,”) fit perfectly at the Pinecrest market this weekend—my friend Jessica turned to these frilled orchids and grabbed my arm.

Nearby, these alluring orchids looked as if sultry insects had tracked across the petals.


Succulents of all sizes waited in wicker baskets,

succulents at the market

beans were in their purplish glory,

beans at pinecrest market

new vocabulary was introduced,


and Jessica and her father (they let me tag along to their family breakfast at the Muffin Tin earlier) considered the many pasta flavors.

The Lettuce Farm from Homestead, Florida unmasked me as a blogger to a fellow shopper (their lettuce is excellent),

the lettuce farm in homestead, florida

and Redland Organics impressed me further with the sign detailing food miles for everything on their tables.

food miles sign

First week of the heirloom tomatoes,

heirloom tomatoes

and I hope more will be in my CSA box soon (Redland Organics also runs the CSA):

Not with linen, nor with frills, wicker trays held tart carambola, the starry fruit that grows on trees here…

carambola (starfruit)

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