asymmetrical meals

On Thursday, I found these unusual mulberries (Morus macroura) at the Redland Organics stand at the Bayside Farmers’ Market in Miami.

Morus macroura (sometimes called the Pakistan or Himalayan mulberry)

Like the jackfruit I found this summer at the South Florida fruit stand Robert is Here, the mulberry is composed of separate drupelets (individual female flowers) within the whole fruit.

In the past few days, I have had dinner with three different friends on three subsequent nights at three different restaurants, with identical orders. I’m tempted to think of this as a cluster of symmetrical meals, but the mulberry’s structure reminds me that each order was a separate part that made up a really wonderful set of nights out.

Kevin courageously tried fried green tomatoes and aioli at the 8 oz. burger bar that just opened in Miami, where the service needs a bit of smoothing and the beers aren’t yet on tap. He points out how his order is slightly different:

(Watch Kevin essay the psychic machinery of reality; I am hereby tagging him for the “25 Things About Me” Facebook meme.)

The following night, my dining companion (who prefers to remain anonymous), agreed that my favorite pizza sandwich of roasted garlic, goat cheese, and mesclun at Everybody’s Pizza near Emory University in Atlanta, was a quietly beautiful thing in a loud place:

And the next night I met my friend Dave (his “Friday heh” blog posts are all kinds of marvelous, a good example of smaller, individual hehs making up the whole heh) at Holy Taco in East Atlanta.

Switching from Native Lager (a local Florida beer) and Sweetwater 420 (brewed in Atlanta) the nights before, I drank buzzaritas and caught up with Dave’s new job adventures. When the food arrived, I heard those three magic words: pork belly torta. Dave narrates:

What will I find at the Pinecrest market in Miami this morning? And what will others standing next to me at the market deciding between heirloom tomato varieties, types of lettuce, make with the same ingredients? I wonder…

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