dinner at todd and rob’s

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be seated next to Todd Davis at the Slow Food Miami dinner at Creek 28, an important event for me, since I met so many inspiring fellow Miamians interested in serious cooking.

Last night, I went to dinner at Todd and Rob’s incredible house on an island in Miami, where the steps lead up past fish swimming and into an interior where you can feel the circles. Renowned interior designers, what struck me was how everyone could move lightly in their space. I think some spaces make you feel beautiful to be within them.

The counter was full of different dishes, including a wonderful salad with golden beets that Betty, the woman I was fortunate enough to pull out a gorgeously white, fluffy chair next to last night, made with ingredients from the Legion Park farmers’ market. I made a pea salad (recipe and video) with the rest of the lemon olive oil my friend Jessica Duda gave me and big pieces of chevre on the top.

There is always a murmur as people line up to examine what everyone has brought (don’t miss the amazing Barbra hanging in the beginning of the video),

and I particularly liked Dianna’s strawberries with crushed meringue bits before we went out over the water and the fish and into the warm Miami night. Thank you again to Todd and Rob for inviting me, and I hope to highlight more of these new people in future kthread posts (and for Dianna, I’m on a mission to find Pop Rocks, please let me know if you have a source)—

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