the unexpected garnish

My friend Kevin was in Miami this week for a Knight Foundation event, and his order during a working lunch with Mayur and Jess arrived with a surprising garnish, perhaps to anchor the plate’s portion in the patio gusts:

Saturday morning I was similarly surprised at the last Coral Gables market; a new favorite orchid with markings like a tally sheet on some petals, scatterplots on others,

orchid at the market

I wondered at the line of classic cars,

classic cars at coral gables market


and this duck I applauded for owning the exaggerated tuft—that might, as a friend suggested, look slightly like the height of my hair in this picture.

duck rocking the tuft (yes, sometimes, my hair looks like this)

Children cartwheeled to the steel drums,

samples from area restaurants waited at tables,

les halles at the coral gables market (there was a food/wine festival yesterday)

and I visited my favorite farmer (two bunches of rainbow chard, one bunch of purple haze carrots—and cauliflower greens and a tomato at his insistence) before picking up this week’s CSA farm box from Bee Heaven Farms. Watch for the extraordinary daikon radish greens:

In the afternoon, I went over to Mayur’s lovely new apartment building to puzzle through simple furniture instructions along with Kevin and Jess. They explain our success:

that we toasted to on the roof with a blue, blue pool that matched the cream cheese icing of Jess’s wonderful cupcakes with chocolate chips and blue sugar sprinkles that looked like stained glass.

And I looked into the pools of water around the Magic Cottage this afternoon as the branches dipped in the rainstorms, leaving water plants shiny and happy, the way I felt all this weekend,

shiny and green

and little lily pads, garnished with drops, floated gently near each other and into the week…

green lily pads

More images and videos in the Flickr set.

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