kthread spins: out like a lamb

A fairly cosmic podcast this time, with twinkling mermen, blinking stars, a return to the original four winds of Bright Eyes, folk (Danny Schmidt, who has a new album that reminds me of when I listened to him in Charlottesville with my friend Seth), anti-folk (Hem), and a final quiet song to transition out of March…


Ain’t Love Grand (DB Instrumental Edit), Hott City

Epie (Black Strobe remix), Royksopp

Nothing Can Come Between Us, Obi Best

Namer, High Places

Cast a Hook in Me, Laura Veirs

The Stars Just Blink for Us, Say Hi

Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worrying ‘Bout That Girl (Kinks cover), Feist

Twilight Galaxy, Metric

West Won, These United States

Kingdom of Rust (Still Going remix), Doves

Four Winds, Bright Eyes

Drawing Board, Danny Schmidt

When I Was Drinking, Hem

Ferns Pressed in Paper, The North Sea

  1. Ben says:

    Apropos of nothing–except, of course, your blog’s focus on culinary trends–make certain you check out the NYT article on goat meat. Even if you already know the info, you’ll enjoy the queerly lovely humor. I provided the link on Twitter. How digitized am I? Quite.

  2. Kristen says:

    Ben, thank you for the reading invitation; it is indeed a lovely piece.

    When I lived in Santa Cruz, my taqueria (it’s like having “your” bridge in Paris) knew when I walked in what I would order; “Birria!”

    And then, Brian and I explored the goat place in Chicago this past summer.

    I particularly like the neologism and am planning to visit at least one of these places in NY this month and will report back (and maybe we’ll scout in Nashville?)—

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