the sun shone brighter than doris day

Yesterday, I traded stories with my friend Dianna when we met for lunch at Go-Go’s.

With buttery empanadas (try the steak chimichurri and the shrimp scampi) and salads full of good things, I can see why they know Dianna’s name here (I think they will soon learn mine).

Here, she gestures how she cannot be contained by a small salad bowl (Whitmanian multitudinous wisdom):

I ordered the superfood bowl as well, with quinoa, edamame, raisins, and broccoli to propel me through the rest of the day, inspired by conversation about Dianna’s cultural interventions and plans for picnics.

superfood bowl at go-go's

After work, I stopped by the Casablanca Fish Market to find sashimi to place atop mandolined Daikon radish from my farm box this weekend,

and Jess helped me eat the soft tuna and the crunchy, translucent radish,

Tuna and daikon radish

while Pilar declared her allegiance to my favorite appetizer: crostini with fresh goat cheese, overripe tomato slices, and good salt (my friend Laura brought me this black salt that tastes mysterious and important).

Pilar and Jessica

Fresh goat cheese tastes of Spring (this is from Thomasville, Georgia’s Sweet Grass dairy), and we welcomed the season into the Magic Cottage kitchen.

my favorite appetizer: crostini with soft chevre, overripe tomato, good salt

Two wise women in the chairs across, another I’d met for lunch, and my day was full of questions and catching up, planning and preparing, pesto and pasta, cauliflower, chocolate, and choices…

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