the sparkle of the salt

I find food photography incredibly humbling. This afternoon, I decided to try capturing the particular sparkle of red salt on local greens. Green and red are color opposites, and the glossy salt jumps off matte rainbow chard (the word ‘chard’ even sounds matte).

first shot of green and red salt

I liked the center of the photo with the red salt heart against the leaves, so I drew the lens closer for less plate in the shot below.

second shot I like of greens + red salt

The greens looked alive, but almost too green, so I turned the plate for more purplishness and less light bouncing from the left side.

third shot I like of greens and red salt

Then, I moved back to reconsider the shot, kneeling to capture the height against a blur of the backyard behind,

fourth shot I like of greens and red salt

and finally, the salt started the sparkle—not in the center, but (geek out with me for a moment) at a bottom corner of the center quadrant using the Rule of Thirds.

fifth shot I like of greens and red salt

Only the best I can manage for you, delightful kthread readers, as I explore the complicated world of shutter speeds and sunlight.

To make this, sauté one clove chopped garlic in a tablespoon of oil or other fat; add chopped stems of one bunch of baby chard and one head of bok choy. Cook, stirring, for three minutes over medium-high heat. Add the chopped leafy parts, stir one minute longer. Season with finishing salt or Tamari.

Or wander over to the Magic Cottage and join me for a very belated lunch…

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