where the wild trees are

I may as well admit it: I cannot stop watching the “Where the Wild Things Are” trailer.

Running through the woods, finding significance in the small collection of things on a leaf, knowing that your costume will protect you and that imagination makes you invincible—

debris on a leaf

these freedoms I remember as I watch a tropical forest grow around and into my mischievous magic cottage at night.

This afternoon, I took a walk in my neighborhood to meet the trees and leaves,

leaves and light

leaves and light



who seemed as friendly as the bees nipping at the kalanchoe,

kalanchoe + bee


and then I heard silvery leaves rustling in the wind.

silvery hangings

found strange fruit,


distracting flowering plant sirens,

softer plants

and flowers hidden in the trees.

flowers in the trees

flowers in the trees

Bands around some trees shone as if you could twist them,

tree bark

and reveal another tree beneath.


I raced to swing on the Banyan tree vines,

banyan tree

(note: Banyan trees begin as figs)

banyan tree

and with their aerial prop roots

banyan tree

leading up into the sky,

banyan tree

it was instead a blue-freckled trunk

banyan tree

that fronted adventures if I stepped beyond—

banyan tree

as it happened, I wandered back to the cottage, past a sidewalk that reminded me to dream,

sidewalk dream

and when I returned, supper ideas were still warm…

  1. Mica says:

    I never knew that Banyan trees start out as figs! Kthread is so informative!

    Unlike the “Where the Wild Things Are” trailer, your day outside did not involve a gratuitous amount of explosions, just examples of beautiful Miami. Ahhhh.

  2. Kristen says:

    Also, we do not launch monsters on kthread, but there is happiness and adventure. Sending warmth your way, M, what is going on with the snow in Chicago recently?

  3. Kristen says:

    :) thanks, Amanda. I knew you’d notice, trees will appear more on kthread in coming weeks, I think. Also, I’m off to Portland soon, where I plan to hug multiple trees—

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