kthread spins: in memory of eve kosofsky sedgwick

To my way of thinking, all podcasts in memory of someone should inspire dancing and, possibly, a wake.

Earlier this month, gender theorist Eve Sedgwick died; her last book, Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity (2003) influences the way I think about collective action through online networks.

the pond

Those familiar with her work will understand the selections; would that I could listen to this with my brilliant friend Ben, perhaps at Michael’s Bistro in Charlottesville, as he locates invitations and meaning from her theories and others as nimbly as he forms arguments employing the work. I do think an event with bourbon, critical inquiry, and all the theory geeks I used to drink with is in order the next time I pass through Virginia (Sean B., your presence is required).

I’m listening closely to the background of “Mrs. Love” (recognize that band?) and especially grateful to all of you for sending and pointing me toward specific musicians lately—this is for you too.


Electrolyte – Chico Fellini

In a Dream – Skybox

Electric Feel – MGMT

Now We Can See – The Thermals

Five Step – Radiohead v. Dave Brubeck

Wishing Well – The Shangri-Las

The Charming Man (The Smiths cover) – Stars

Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) – Jesse Malin

Champagne – Allure

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters

Mrs. Love – Disco Ruido

Fields of Fire – Big Country

Another Noon – Jon and Roy

Requiem – M. Ward

She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones


What songs need to be appended or reordered? (I submit this as a draft.)

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