better video of good community leaders

Remember when I said there would be another (better) video than the one I posted before about the event with Knight Pulse, the community site I work on for Knight, and GOOD Magazine?

The event with the six community leaders in design, urban homesteading, neighborhood installations, community service, and storytelling in L.A. last month?

VoilĂ . (Also posted on the GOOD site, and more background in the GOOD recap.)

I watch this and smile—hope to be out that way again in early June and meet up with some of the lovely people in this video, including the wonderful Max Schorr of GOOD and my wise friend John, who attended the event to support this really interesting work—

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  1. Kristen says:

    I think you look engaged in conversation, and I was happy that you made the video, John! Look forward to actually catching up when I’m there in June for a few days—

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