Last night, I watched eight philosphers riff on meaning in the film Examined Life playing at the Miami Beach Cinematheque on Espanola Way. Likely I’ll frequent this ongoing film festival and the crêpe place next door, where my fabulous friend Dianna and I discussed the film, and deliberations, community spaces, and the transient realities of Miami.

This morning, I woke hoping to find the purple, diaphanous dress of my dreams (where is that sewing machine?) in the closet to match these Janus-like water hyacinths that bloom in the ponds around the magic cottage in April and August.

purple flower

Last year, I compared these to a data visualization using the Many Eyes tool; this year, upon closer examination, even the stems seem to sparkle—stunning the closer you lean in (see the larger version here).

purple flowers

From one stem, the petals face in many directions (Janus was the god of doors and beginnings) like the stance scholar Kwame Anthony Appiah takes in the film and his work that the cosmopolitan citizen understands multiple ideologies and ways of sorting the world as equally valid.

And in our continuing coverage of spider web season, here’s a new web for your Saturday—

spider in front of magic cottage

  1. Mica says:

    Beauti-mous photography, Kristen! I don’t know how you do it–writing, cooking, blogging, photographing, all done superbly and with an impeccable sense of style! Bravo!

  2. Kristen says:

    Mica, thank you. Will we see more video on MicaPie? I’d like that. I’m so impressed with your dedication to daily blogging, btw—

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