cinco de mimo

Yesterday began in a freezer. Well, really a Bikram yoga studio of 105 degrees, but after that a freezer full of farm eggs and tropical fruit at Bee Heaven Farms in South Florida, where I picked up my order:

Another red custard apple for the road—to eat in a few days, as these become very soft when they ripen (the beautiful inside):

red custard apple $4.00 / LB

and I looked up at the branch above my car at these fruit-like objects of interest.

strange fruit (?) on tree outside bee heaven farms

Driving quickly, lest tree roots grow over my wheels as they had overtaken fences,

tree roots in south florida

white flowers on parts of the stretch made me pull over,

white flowers

and then my friend Jess and her friend Maya arrived at the cottage with cupcakes. Influenced by icing, we took Jean Marc’s good advice and headed over to Cinco de MiMo, a celebration of that area of Miami.

Recognizing him by his twirling umbrella, we greeted Gene Kelly,

toasted with Tiki punch to local designers in the Upper Eastside Garden:

people at upper east garden in MiMo in Miami

and to fun modified vintage,

all kinds of great vintage (

and mainly, to mini golf within the garden:

entrance to back part of the garden

entrance to back part of the garden

yellow blooms in the green

kids playing mini golf

elephant ears

the pink and blue in the trees (Jess pointed out this shot)

wall at upper east garden

Then, we wandered to nearby Divine Trash and found same,

cast iron chair frame

secured a vintage getaway vehicle,

little fiat we stumbled across

to fill with new treasures,

table in Mimo

luggage stamps for NYC on vintage suitcase

frame picture in MiMo

and Jess kept the flower from the garden tucked behind her ear,


as she contemplated a new furniture project,

Jess found a table, examined the baked goods

and baked goods.

case of baked goods

Across the street, we took in Vagabond Market

market signs at vagabond market

forgoing Indian cuisine inside

Indian food inside Vagabond Market in Mimo

to walk past pink flowers,

pink edges

pink edges

pass Elvis on stilts,

and sit outside at the Buena Vista Bistro with identical orders of spinach, declaring our intentions to explore other new areas of south Florida as the thermometer goes ever higher…

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