rosy gardens in Brooklyn

Last week’s New York adventures began with drizzling rain and delicious cupcakes at Royale—chocolate with sea salt icing is worth a trip to the neighborhood.

And clear orb-like containers protect the small cakes as you bring them with you into whatever weather outside (here, Alice and Jess smile at the cupcake box that did almost glow as we carried it back to the Games for Change conference).

The Royale cupcake orb (it does have sea salt)

When the drizzle disappeared, the sun shone on produce at the Union Square and Prospect Park farmers’ markets Saturday morning,

is this cilantro or parsley? Parsley, I think, with the more jagged edges.

on foraged ramps,

glorious ramps

the ends of rhubarb,

ends of rhubarb

tulips, dahlias, hydrangeas,

tulips with frilled edges at the union square market



and edible purple in garlic chive flowers (my favorite) and radishes,

garlic chive flowers

purple radishes

while bundled asparagus stood near a merry band of musicians,

asparagus bundles

where my friend Eric met me, and then we walked Park Slope, finding another festival called Local Produce that included a rather tall individual and hula hoops,

before heading over to Red Hook for a pickle party.

Pickle party in Red Hook

I met my new friend Colin (he’s lovely), who keeps chickens in his backyard near the lettuces of his garden,

a choice I think Eric should imitate when he moves to Philadelphia (and, ultimately, the Philadelphia suburbs).

eric and the chick

Partnering with Eric’s friend Zed (yes, that’s his real name), we created a traditional Chicago dog base to showcase the homemade pickles,

as Korean barbecue production began outside—I thought the marinade was perfect, though it is, apparently, still being tweaked:

Much later, squid caught by a late arrival to the party cooked in a cumin marinade and was scissored, all of us pulling it apart in the light of a headlamp (as though spelunking new grilling territory),

and then Eric and Zed directed our path toward Williamsburg, where we discovered the Green Balloon Experiment,

and less cryptically, equally artistically, the next morning, I discovered the incredible detail work at beautiful old houses in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (PLG), a historic area of Brooklyn, on their neighborhood tour with proud owners describing restoration processes and their pride in these streets of brownstones, and limestones,

history of prospect lefferts gardens area of brooklyn

and so many roses…

rose in lefferts garden

More images from the trip in the Flickr set.

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