kthread spins: these vagabond shoes

I’m moving to New York for an incredible new job with PopTech, a network of social innovators I am excited to join as their Digital Content and Community Manager in Brooklyn, NY starting at the end of June.

In the meantime, I am delighted to announce I’ll be part of the Knight Foundation gathering of News Challenge winners at MIT next week premiering the second phase of Knight Pulse (just wait until you see the visualization piece!) as my last hurrah before transitioning to wonderful new things in Brooklyn. More soon here about this wild Miami year, but for now,

I’ll be updating Twitter as I roadtrip in the next few days from Miami to Brooklyn. Here’s what I’m listening to as I drive… (and would love to hear from you in the comments; truly, the music sounds better with you)—

purple water lily

New York, New York – Cat Power
Fresh Blood – The Eels
Paper (Hot Sax version) – Explode Into Colors
Six to Midnight – Stray and Grass
Lasso – Phoenix
In Context – Field Music
People – Silver Jews
The Next Time Around – Little Joy
The Reeling (Sammy Bananas’s Big Choon Mix) – Passion Pit
Music Sounds Better with You – Stardust
The Universe is Going to Catch You – The Antlers
Oh I Can – Rock Plaza Central

Will you come visit me in Brooklyn? Say you will…

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