housemade charcuterie from a land of smart

This morning my spoon sails in and out of chocolate bread pudding from Formaggio Kitchen,

Formaggio Kitchen charcuterie

the gourmet shop in Cambridge where Charcutier (what a beautiful title) Leah Mojer crafts housemade rillettes, pâté, and a guanciale I could not resist when I visited on Friday.

I was in town for my last event with Knight Foundation, a gathering of the Knight News Challenge winners at MIT:

where I managed to convince some two hundred in attendance to wear Knight Pulse sweatbands and unveiled new pieces of the Pulse site—much more on that in a later post, where I’ll share what I learned this past year starting a niche online community space.

Some of my favorite people (including new friend Catherine) were in that number at MIT, and on Thursday night, I had dinner with them (Ethan, David, Catherine, Kevin) at Asmara.

Ethan explains the wonderful Eritrean food we ordered (I should say we actually let Ethan order and, like everything Ethan does, the order was thoughtful and nicely done):

My favorite was the lamb with jute plant (we ordered another), and like the spongy injera bread that serves as utensil in this cuisine, I felt my mind expanding as we talked of global politics, poison (not the band), and functional flows of local brain power. With this table of frequent flyers, it was so nice to land in this comfy restaurant and hear travel adventures narrated and future schemes plotted…

Being Cambridge, my mind also tried to bend around understanding why the buildings are numbered as well as named and around Erik Demaine‘s work with computational origami (he’ll tell you simply that he likes algorithms). Erik is an extraordinary person (kind and the youngest professor in MIT history) and he folds balloons into octahedrons:

Driving out of the Cambridge rain, past the Charles River, and toward the smell of the Atlantic Ocean, I made sure these petit noirs from Formaggio Kitchen were tucked away,

petit noirs from Formaggio Kitchen

delivering them to Matt and Maia’s kitchen in Newport, RI (fanciful chocolate for a lovely, artistic couple) on the way back to Brooklyn, where we’ll make charcuterie and chocolates and inflate balloons (a caveat that octahedrons are beyond me) now that the boxes are unpacked and neighborhood explorations begin in earnest…

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