intentional orecchiette

My friend Kevin ordered orecchiette by accident a few weeks ago at an Italian restaurant, mistaking it for a stuffed pasta shape (agnolotti, likely), and this morning food minimalist Mark Bittman posted a recipe on his NYT blog for a frittata heavy on the vegetables, light on the eggs.

Tonight, both decisions informed an orecchiette I made, heavy on the vegetables, light on the pasta. This pasta shape pairs with a green vegetable, so rainbow chard and baby bok choy provided the color, with chopped onion cooked until translucent in the rendered bacon fat and Parmesan rounding out the dish.

orecchette with fennel, chard, onion, bok choy, and bacon

Orecchiette means “little ears,” and this time in the summer we can really listen to fresh corn—not popping, but lined up in pearly rows of yellow and ivory—the scraped kernels find their way inside the pasta shells. For balance, I ladled a little fennel confit on top and, instead of a sauce, I stirred in a bit of butter I made earlier this week, for something heavy on the simplicity…

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