gently boil for three minutes

My friend Solana swept gracefully into my apartment last night with a bottle of red wine that (almost) bore her name—a very nice Santi Valpolicella Solane—and helped me finish rolling out fettuccine through the pasta machine I plan to use more often in Brooklyn.

homemade pasta with corn, chantrelles, baby leeks, and parm

Catching up on her recent travels (she journeys to places like Bangkok and Taipei), we spent a long time talking about the state of translation online, and this was after I was able to turn a tricky ingredient into something palatable.

Solana bravely tried the sautéed baby chanterelles and decided she does, sometimes, like mushrooms. We also stirred in baby leeks more slender than scallions (that have a flavor less sweet than ramps and closer to lemon) and corn browned in the pan along with a bit of butter and Parmesan.

As favorite dinner guests do, she soaped the dishes while we let chopped rhubarb simmer with sugar and I whipped cream to dollop on top. Solana told me we had made red porridge, inadvertently borrowing from her Danish culinary traditions, but it all seemed to make sense in this new kitchen where I am making new traditions…

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