a zebra of a drink

What to do with the pile of beautiful zebra tomatoes I returned to this sweltering afternoon?

zebra tomatoes

Past ripe, the green streaked with gold became a fresh Bloody Mary:

zebra tomatoes

Purée quartered ripe tomatoes in a food processor with a dab of sun-dried tomato paste, a squeeze of lemon, a hearty pinch of sea salt, and—this is optional—a few pitted Kalamata olives and the tiniest bit of anchovy paste;

Pour an ounce or so of iced vodka in a glass, add ice cubes, pour the tomato mixture over and garnish with celery and a tomato wedge, cracking pepper over the top (add regional variations as compelled).

bloody Mary

Rather than salt, the tomato flavor comes through in this lighter version of my fruity drink of choice.

I like to simmer the remaining tomato mix and serve it under crab crakes (add a little vodka to the pan as it cooks).

Note: If you are relying on the drink for its restorative lycopene, you will want to simmer the tomatoes for ten minutes before puréeing.

bloody Mary

Suggestions? Ways you like your Bloody Mary?

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