kthread spins: not a robot

I’ve been thinking lately, while reading Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman (more on that soon) about the different cultural responses to replicants and robots in preparation for my favorite holiday of the year (at the end of this month).

The podcast bifurcates, and there are a few new mixers included below that I’m following closely.

not a robot

“River of Love” U.S.E.

“Hold Me” (Breakbot remix) Pacific!

“Beduija” Sneaky

“Invisible” (ease_v remix) Winter Gloves

“Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes” (Don Diablo remix) Cassius

“Back Down” (Cut Copy Jackmaster remix) Munk

“Tac Tac” Netherfriends

“All Things to All People” M. Bison

“String Talk” Sneaky

“They Sing in Her Head” Princeton

“I Am Not a Robot” Marina and the Diamonds

“Don’t Go Awash in This Digital Landscape” Codes in the Clouds

“Amber Gris” Medeski Martin & Wood

New artists I should include in the next podcast?

What are you listening to?

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