milkweed, cider, and dancing at the Camden Farmers’ Market

As part of the faculty for the PopTech Social Innovation Fellows program (they are an incredible group) that is brought together before the PopTech conference, I am staying a little above Camden, Maine, near Lincolnville Beach.

Lincolnville Beach near Camden, Maine

In the morning, it is quiet around our wooded cabins and quiet on the beach.

Lincolnville Beach near Camden, Maine

Yesterday I drove to the Camden Farmers’ Market, noticing the paint wearing away on the road, and smiling as I approached the murmur that always accompanies local food vendors setting up;

America on the road

next week marks the penultimate market for the season, and wonderful local goods were on offer—I almost hugged this seller for obvious reasons (I am a calcium fiend), and the milk itself is the yellowish color and thickness of fresh cream.

Raw Milk sign at Camden Farmers' Market

My friend and colleague Keryn arrived and introduced me to the smell of Sweet Jenny,

sweet Jenny at the Camden Farmers' Market

and in her wonderfully energetic way, began to talk warmly about the dedicated sellers and local festivals—all reasons I’d like to be in Camden more often.


At Peacemeal Farm, I bought tiny brussel sprouts and listened while locals

Peacemeal Farm at Camden Farmers' Market

debated which type of potato was the right choice for specific fish,

potatoes at Camden Farmers' Market

near jugs of cider,

apple cider at Camden Farmers' Market

papery bouquets,

jack o'lantern bouquet at Camden Farmers' Market

bouquet at Camden Farmers' Market

and tables selling vegetables and wool.

transaction at Camden Farmers' Market

wool at the Camden Farmers' Market

Impossible to pick one of the many colored scarves,

Keryn with the scarves

soon dancing began, the music competing with a wandering flutist.

Camden Farmers' Market

music of Camden, Maine at the market

waiting for the dancing to begin at the Camden Farmers' Market

I was more interested in the charcuterie, considering this soppressata and deciding to try the salami with orange peel,

soppressata at Camden Farmers' Market

as reaching into the cooler with the beautiful bacon, after making the seller laugh that I had eaten a pig ear sandwich once (he was selling them to feed to dogs).

beautiful, beautiful bacon at the Camden Farmers' Market

On the way out, there were baskets perfect for filling with market produce,

baskets at the Camden Farmers' Market

and dried arrangements with milkweed,

milkweed at the Camden Farmers' Market

hard squash and soft pumpkins,

little pumpkin

and lovely mushrooms still joined in the large mass they grow in on trees.

chicken of the woods mushrooms (I bought these)

Out of the pastries at Atlantic Baking Company,

pastries at Atlantic Baking Company at Camden Farmers' Market

I picked a swirl that held apples and spices in its crispy layers, and spreading it with local raw butter,

pastries at Atlantic Baking Company at Camden Farmers' Market

sipping that beautiful raw milk, I headed back to sit and listen to the waves…

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