children, costumes, leaving Maine

I spent yesterday walking Brooklyn, admiring costumed children celebrating Halloween,

Ft. Greene Park

concentrating on painting pumpkins and unwrapping candy,

Ft. Greene Park Halloween



while their parents picked gourds to decorate tables and Brooklyn stoops,

as the foliage in New York began to look like the Maine leaves of last weekend.

gourds and decorative corn at Ft. Greene Park

In Camden, Maine for the PopTech 2009 conference, I found it hard not to stop and reflect when the afternoon light outlined edges.

leaves in Maine

leaves in Maine

Every street has a brilliant tree, inviting long walks to find more.

Camden, Maine in fall

foliage in Camden

leaves in Maine

Last Sunday, on Ethan and Rachel‘s good advice (they were incredible livebloggers for PopTech 2009), I drove from Camden to Belfast, Maine, about half an hour away.

I passed through Lincolnville Beach, with its blue, blue water and sat in the quiet,

Lincolnville Beach

then happened upon raw milk near happy chickens running around a large yard.

raw milk in Maine

Fortified, I arrived in Belfast and ordered a lobster melt (I would recreate with: thick slices of toast, lobster piled high, a dollop of homemade aioli to cook through, slight grating of Parmesan, all broiled for a few minutes with tomatoes, if desired),

lobster melt

then walked the Belfast shops before opening the door of Scoops and Crêpes (I join Ethan and Rachel in highly recommending), filled with families sharing sundaes, walls papered with drawings, and long menus of crêpes, ice cream specials, and flavors.

Scoops and Crêpes in Belfast, Maine

This is the turtellini, a warm popover with pecans and two scoops (pumpkin ice cream instead of vanilla) under chocolate and butterscotch sauces.


Delighting in the difference between well-preserved and precious towns, I kept pulling over on the way back to see what was shining on the side of the road.

on the road back from Maine

side of the road in Maine

side of the road in Maine

side of the road in Maine

side of the road in Maine

And with a last lobster roll on Monday, I left coastal Maine,

one last lobster roll on the road back...

chasing the colors back, that subtle trick played by Fall…

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  1. Mica says:

    Ooh, I love this post! You managed to capture all the happiness and wholesomeness of Halloween that is so often forgotten. (Packaged sex pot costumes? Blech.)

    An ice cream and crêpe parlor basically sounds like my dream come true. Though I am checking out that mighty fine lobster roll too. Your Maine travels have definitely made me miss the East Coast.

  2. Kristen says:

    Mica, this is a destination ice cream parlor. Come visit! NY is very beautiful in the winter too—

    You are too kind; thank you, Amanda. You’ll be seeing the water soon, though, I think? I like how every place has its own shade of water–Maine’s is such an old, regal blue—

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