kthread spins: november on repeat

What I have on repeat at the moment: not the newest news, but a few new to me, including the last found tonight after talking to my friend Andrew. My favorite new band, Fitz and the Tantrums, included at the end.

This podcast is in honor of Andrew’s new gig, David’s move to Los Angeles (many of these bands are from that area), Jess’s sheer pluck in recent weeks, Laura‘s upcoming vacation airplane rides, and Nina’s new musical adventures (Hoss Label inclusion below to celebrate your six years, N).

november on repeat

“Young Hearts Spark Fire” – Japandroids

“I Might Have Guessed” (Mean Version) – Birdmonster

“Trouble is a Friend” (Eli Escobar Mix) – Lenka

“Big Love” – CFCF

“Mexican Circus (March to the Holly Dome)” – Volcanoless in Canada

“Camera Talk” – Local Natives

“Deli” – Delorean

“Oxus Pagoda” – Hallelujah The Hills

“Never Seen” – Lightning Dust

“Work It Out” (Bale & Voltaire Bootleg) – The Beatles

“Don’t Gotta Work It Out” – Fitz and the Tantrums

“Turned On” – Ecstatic Sunshine

“Home” (Daytrotter session) – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

What should I listen to next?

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