In the next post, I’ll explain the Elvis title reference; for now, let’s begin with the annual Taylor Family Holiday Video. (Here’s 2008.)

Filmed by Kent Taylor in historic Roswell, Georgia at locations scouted by Mary Lynn Taylor, the video stars Kassandra Taylor. (Katrina Taylor and Reid Leslie do not appear in this year’s video due to travel calendars.) Featuring cameo appearances by Dr. William ‘Jitterbug’ Morrison and the renowned singer Amber Tatum, choreography is by Kassandra Taylor. Music is “Come Around” by Tim & Jean (part of Australia’s incredible music scene). Note: Much of this is freestyle—Kassandra isn’t responsible for my attempts to dance near her. Wait for the entire video to load, please, as I tried to use every iMovie filter and transition.

Before Christmas and the filming of the video, we all celebrated Kat and Reid making it through a flight cancellation from Portland, Oregon and arriving in time for Dad’s birthday, when Mom always makes a lemon cheesecake with her secret recipe.

Dad's birthday cheesecake (Mom makes this. Tradition.)

Kat and Reid brought with them their formidable French toast skills,

Reid and Kat prepping for their excellent French toast

french toast production

and challah and panettone were dipped in egg and placed in a hot pan,

cut challah for french toast

Reid slicing Panettone for French toast

then topped with strawberries, pecans,

french toast with strawberries and pecans (kat and reid made this)

and a beautiful raw honey made by my mother’s student’s grandfather (you know how I feel about the importance of local honey).

raw honey from one of my mother's student's grandfather

Kat dressed up as a mod Santa,

Kat as Santa

Kass smiled as she opened her stocking, and we collected our first batch of little presents before readying for the meal.


Soon, the kitchen began to smell of roast pork (I’ll go into our family genealogy another time, but we are partly British),

roast pork (Mom made this)

with a lovely garlic-rosemary salt crust Mom made for those of you into that.

inside of the roast pork Mom made (for those of you into that, crust is garlic, rosemary, salt)

Roasted brussels, a bibb salad (Bibb lettuce is usually grown hydroponically now, so I find those are the only heads with soft leaves in the winter) with an improvised lemon-mustard-honey vinaigrette,

bibb salad with homemade mustard dressing and pecans

my usual smashed potatoes (this is a variety sold as Buttercream, the obvious choice for most potato recipes),

my smashed potatoes

and wonderful chocolates Kat brought from Cacao in Portland.

chocolates Kat brought us from Cacao

Reid took our family Christmas picture outside by the lake (both Kat and Kass are wearing vintage dresses, which makes me very happy),

family Christmas picture

and we cut the cake. Jesus’s birthday cake. Kat decorated the cake with a crown and the usual lettering on the top—

Happy Birthday Jesus (side: Give Me a Christian Side Hug)

we added a new phrase to the side of the cake that confused my grandfather, who asked me to give him a Christian side hug.

side view: "Happy Birthday Jesus" and "Give Me a Christian Side Hug"

Instead, Kass, Kat, Reid, and I gave our new Snuggie™ blankets a trial run,

the Snuggies begins

conferring like fleece-clad Druids,

we confer. in the Snuggies.

this is how the Snuggies make us feel (somehow, Kass is glamming it up as usual)

untitled Snuggie portrait

creating a tableaux (we scared the dogs),

The Snuggie Tableaux

returning to our Gleeful show choir days,

yes, we've been watching Glee. why do you ask?

Show Choir of Snuggies

and laughing at our very blue Christmas…

tangled up in blue

More pictures in the Flickr set.

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  1. John Jackson says:

    If that video has not gone viral by New Years, I will lose all faith in humanity ;-). Ah, it’s not New Years until I’ve seen your grandpa dance. Happy New Year’s Eve, Kristen!

  2. Kristen says:

    Happy 2010 to you, John! May it be a very productive and busy year (will be looking for the link attached to your name when you comment). I think my grandfather just gets better at the dancing—we had so much fun taping this video, thanks for watching it—

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