skippin’ jenny risotto and a resolution

Eating Hoppin’ John the day after brings even more luck, and the dish becomes Skippin’ Jenny—so, I borrowed my fabulous friend Liza‘s idea and made a risotto to stir the peas, collards, and bacon into last night,

Skippin' Jenny risotto

and then sliced the rest of the poached pear over a bowl of oats this morning, thinking about all that has happened in the past month.

oatmeal with poached pear slices

This afternoon, as big snowflakes fell, I made one of my comfort foods—a portobello mushroom roasted with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, on top of spinach and latkes with goat cheese. The latkes I made with purple potatoes (I have a weakness for purple foods), and their crispiness offsets the silky mushroom that emerges from the oven in a pool of crackling, popping butter.

portobello with spinach and latkes and chevre

I have resolved that in 2010 kthread cooks, my online cooking video series, will return. Here’s how to make this portobello dish that I call “mushaboom” in one of the earliest episodes from February 2008 (see all 28 episodes):

Thoughts on what I might cook for the next episode?

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  1. Ben says:

    You’ve made me the mushroom dish, and it’s delicious. I might have to pass on the poached pears, but will you sometime email me the Skippin’ Jenny recipe? It looks amazing, and you know my weakness for risotto. Cheers to your resolution, as it revives the one and only Vlog on which I’ve made a guest appearance. And I’m always enthusiastic to reprise my role:)

  2. Kristen says:

    Ben, you may be reprising that role sooner than you think–say, February. I will e-mail you the recipe, and I was just thinking that maybe a risotto would be good for a new kthread cooks. Hmm…

  3. Mica says:

    Yes! I was wondering what sort of delicious spin on “Hoppin’ Jonathan” you’d produce this year. 2010’s definitely didn’t disappoint. The risotto looks beautiful and creamy, the perfect bed for collards, bacon, and beans that have been punched in the eye.

  4. Kristen says:

    Mica, I don’t know how you manage to top yourself, but “beans that have been punched in the eye” is somehow being incorporated in next year’s iteration. It’s the time of year when tucking into a bowl of risotto in front of a heat vent is the only place to be—

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