kthread spins: dancing in my kitchen

I’ve been dancing in my kitchen, as the disco ball that hangs above the sink throws silvery spots across the wooden floor in the late morning.

This is music for you to join me, since you continue to startle me by listening to these mixes. For our dance card today, a track (full list below) that trumps Vampire Weekend, another that borrows liberally from The Cure, a song to Twist to (let’s bring that dance back, shall we?), a modern lullaby (“Harmony”), songs that bloom in the middle, and one for everyone who lives somewhere in the bloomin’ middle of a country.

dancing in my kitchen

“Albatross” – Besnard Lakes
“Days” – Sambassadeur
“Cranberry” – The Ruby Suns
“When Goodness Galls” – Northern Portrait
“Lovers’ Carvings” – Bibio
“Gods and Gentlemen” – Drink Up Buttercup
“Oh Suzanne” – French Kissing
“Harmony To My Heartbeat” – Sally Seltmann
“Something, Somewhere, Sometime” – Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore
“A Funeral Dressed As a Birthday” – We Are The Willows
“let go” – Jj

Music I need to listen to next?

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