the beauty of leftovers

Yesterday morning, I watched as the icicles from Wednesday’s storm melted,

icicles after a snow day in Brooklyn

and I thought about the snow ice cream (snow granita, really) that I made on Wednesday morning to top Belgian waffles and topped by kumquat syrup and candied slices of the same,

belgian waffles with snow ice cream, candied kumquats, and kumquat syrup

and the night before, of the linguine with sun-dried tomato pesto, escarole, olives, and roasted chicken,

linguine with sun-dried tomato pesto, escarole, olives, and shredded chicken

that became lunch on the snow day, the pasta strands stirred with a few beaten eggs and cooked into a linguine frittata, a leftover I like perhaps even more than the original, with its added crunch and color.

spaghetti frittata

Last weekend in Venice, California, I wandered with Laura and Vera into a small building filled with music and discovered The Leftover Cuties (here, doing a cover of “At Last”):

So I have been thinking about leftovers and things that carry over this week, the comfort in food that we make over and over.

I brought back asparagus from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market that I roasted and dipped in homemade aioli,

asparagus from Santa Monica roasted, salted

and market avocados that I warmed in a tomato broth with leftover chicken in tortilla soup (recipe).

tortilla soup with crema, tortillas, avocado, chicken

It’s a bit like residual wealth, finding new ways to reconstitute what I find as I rummage around the kitchen and through memories of what I’ve made before…

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