kthread spins: fever until dawn

Two weekends ago, Laura snapped this of me as we sped through the lights of Los Angeles on her birthday—like in these podcasts, I look at the colors directly in front and hope you’ll focus only how the music makes you feel. These are the songs that have dazzled me lately—

los angeles bokeh

“Heaven’s On Fire” The Radio Dept.

“Par Avion” FM Belfast

“Odessa” Caribou

“Wow and Flutter” April Smith and the Big Picture Show (Daytrotter session)

“Apple Pie Bed” Lawrence Arabia

“Poker Face” Lady Gaga cover by Leftover Cuties

“You Can’t Force a Dance Party” Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

“So Light is Her Footfall” (Breakbot remix) Air

“Dark Trance” Free Energy

“Ambling Alp” Yeasayer

“Billie Holiday” Miike Snow

“This Too Shall Pass” (Passion Pit remix) OK Go

“Twenty Years On” (Rewards remix) SAFE

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