a sandwich for breakfast

As the rain fell this morning, I rose and made the breakfast sandwich I’d dreamt of: a warm croissant, scrambled eggs from Saturday’s market, New York cheddar, and pork jowl (I prefer it to bacon right now).

breakfast sandwich

The wonderful thing about cooking is that you can, truly, realize dreamy foods—and these ingredients are useful staples to have on hand.

To keep the sandwich warm, I begin by placing the croissant in the oven at about 300 degrees on a plate, cooking the pork in a pan, slicing a few thin slices of cheese, and scrambling the eggs in the rendered pork fat in the pan. Turn off the oven, take the croissant out (leave the plate in), cut a pocket in the croissant, place the pork, then the eggs, cheese, and season. Put the sandwich back in the oven on the plate for a few minutes to melt the cheese.


Like a few extra moments of warmth under winter blankets, an inspiring breakfast sandwich will carry you through a drizzly day…

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