kthread spins: the shoulders of

I noticed that Diane Birch reminded me of Karla Bonoff the other day, and this mix grew out of thinking about other new artists that channel someone who came before them, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. Disregard the purposely controversial name of the first track, please (you’ll recognize immediately the quintet that inspired the refrain), and venture with me into the consecrated places these songs conjure…

the shoulders of spring

“Primetime SexCrime” Bodega Girls

“Stay close” Delorean

“I Lost My Voice” (Moullinex remix) Who Made Who

“Dancehall” (Bodega Girls remix) Sean Bones

“Woolgathering” Vandaveer

“Bright Bright Bright” Dark Dark Dark

“Ariel” Diane Birch

“Heaven and Earth” Blitzen Trapper

“By and By” Lay Low

“Good Day” Jukebox the Ghost

“Cathedral Walls” Kingsley Flood

“Come Talk To Me” (Peter Gabriel cover) Bon Iver

“Up Above My Head I Have Music in the Air” (Daytrotter session) The Blind Boys of Alabama

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