sunday supper at salt water farm

Sunday began at the Hope General Store in Hope, Maine, where Keryn and I found local mead to pair with the final course for Salt Water Farm‘s Sunday Supper that evening.

Hope General Store

On our way to Belfast, Maine for brunch at Chase’s Daily, we stopped at Keryn’s friend Ladleah’s house, and she showed us how her gardens are beginning.

Ladleah and Keryn

Ladleah's garden

Ladleah has that certain sense of when to plant, the farmer’s way of intuiting the season ahead for her own gardens and those at Salt Water Farm, and she introduced me to her chickens that lay beautiful eggs, as I was to discover at dinner that night.

Ladleah's chickens

With a stop at Keryn and Mike’s house later that afternoon to pick up the rest of the wine for dinner (for that part, you bring your own), we headed over to the farm, following the sign,

salt water farm sign

and walking down to the greenhouse with quite the view,

Greenhouse at Salt Water Farm

we found Ladleah and gracious Chef Annemarie Ahearn picking sprouts with pink stems,

Annemarie and Ladleah picking sprouts for dinner

sprouts in the Salt Water Farm greenhouse


that they brought back to the open kitchen, where the table was set,

table at Salt Water Farm

the chalkboard announced the night’s event,

Sunday Supper Club at Salt Water Farm

and the menus detailed the courses ahead.

Menu for the Sunday Supper Club at Salt Water Farm

On a side table, spring onions, chickens, and custards were prepped, waiting, as the guests began to arrive.

prepped spring onions, chickens, and custards for supper club

Then the largest oysters I’ve ever seen, local Pemaquids, were opened, and Annemarie placed a classic Mignonette next to them.

beautiful local oysters and a classic mignonette

The kitchen mirror highlighted the guests (Keryn always radiates, especially so here) as they talked, admired the food, sipped a special cocktail Ladleah concocted,


and pretended to reach casually (but really, very deliberately) for another lamb sausage.

lamb sausage

As we took our seats, brushed bread was grilled for the first course,

Grilling bread for the bone marrow course

a roasted bone marrow salad,

bone marrow salad

the marrow perfect as it melted, spread on the crispy bread.

bone marrow salad

Then, grits with greens, pork hock, and pecorino,

grits with greens and pork hock and pecorino

while Ladleah turned the lovely chickens,

Ladleah turning the chickens

that were served on big platters Annemarie explained as she placed on the table, and the room grew quiet as we happily served ourselves potatoes and parsnips, grilled spring onions that played against the chicken, aioli bright with yolks from Ladleah’s chickens, and famous local pickles from Morse’s Sauerkraut.

aioli bright with yolks with Ladleah's chickens and Morse's pickles

To finish, cups of custard (with more of those beautiful eggs from Ladleah’s ladies) drizzled with honey and a simple syrup of lavender arrived in jars.

No one wanted to leave this space helmed by two women strong in their vision for what a meal can be and what this special summer kitchen can become…

Custard cups

More on the Salt Water Farm Sunday Suppers and monthly Moon Suppers here; they share their current inspirations, experiments, and travel on their blog.

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