the woman in the yellow hat

On Saturday morning, red leaves of Park Slope streets filtered the sun,

leaves in Park Slope

and I walked first (well, first was Milk Thistle, but right after that) to Cayuga Organics, where I bought one of every kind of grain, delighted to find rye berries that they don’t often bring.

Cayuga Organics grains at Prospect Park Farmers' Market

Pausing for carrots (I like knowing I have the carrot tops in case I run out of parsley),

carrots at market

ramps and rhubarb at Wilklow Orchards,

ramps and rhubarb

rhubarb from Wilklow Orchards

ramps, scrubbed

I arranged all the beautiful things from the Grand Army Plaza market on the kitchen table: lilacs and green wheat, carrots, grains, ramps, rhubarb, asparagus, Evolutionary Organics eggs, scallions, and Milk Thistle whole milk, almost everything I needed for a “bowls of grain” party Sunday night.

market haul: lilacs and wheat, carrots, grains, ramps, rhubarb, asparagus, fresh eggs, scallions, whole milk

I peered at the buds of the asparagus,

see the little buds on the asparagus?

the different colors of the grains,

grains from Cayuga Organics

and headed out again toward the outdoor Brooklyn Flea at Ft. Greene, where I found green roof trays,

Green Roof Trays at Brooklyn Flea

letters to spell all kinds of words,

letters at the Brooklyn Flea

vintage glass,

glass at the Brooklyn Flea

and skeletal outdoor furniture.

brooklyn flea ft greene

A little later, I decided upon the yellow dress to be the woman in the yellow hat at a Derby Day party—it makes me happy to see everyone wearing beribboned, rosy hats.

Derby Day outfit

Derby Day hat

Just before the party, I stopped in to Studiofeast‘s Korean BBQ event,

Studiofeast Korean BBQ taco

a nice bookend to a week that began with catching up with my friends Ethan and Catherine at a Korean restaurant,

Studiofeast Korean BBQ taco

Studiofeast Korean BBQ taco

and Mike was, as usual, competently plating beautiful food (he also cooks in A Razor, A Shiny Knife).

Mike plating his wonderful Korean BBQ tacos

Sunday morning I picked up a croissant, warming it in the oven, making a pocket to spread with homemade butter and place a bit of chocolate inside for a pain au chocolat (I like these better in the classic croissant crescent).

pain au chocolat

The decorative green wheat on the kitchen table that I had found at Saturday’s market reminded me to begin cooking,

green wheat

and so I simmered rice for pudding with heady vanilla beans.

rice pudding with vanilla bean

Slowly, I created the bowls of whole grains I have been dreaming about: wheat berries simmered for an hour, then stirred with balsamic and sautéed red chard (these do not have to be soaked, ratio is 1:3 grain: water).

wheat berries with balsamic, red chard, and scallions

Then, green freekeh (roasted spelt) that does not need to soak (1:3 grain: water) simmered for twenty minutes with sautéed carrots and flowering broccoli.

freekeh with flowing broccoli

Soaked brown spelt (about two hours, 1:3) simmered for about 45 minutes before meeting roasted spring asparagus and big, snowy pieces of chevre.

spelt with asparagus and chevre

Farro’s sweetness (soaked three hours, 1.5:4, simmered 45 minutes) heightened with the slivered dried plums, chopped almonds, and roasted fennel.

farro with plums, almonds, roasted fennel

Lastly, the rye berries (soaked four hours, 1:3, cooked 45 minutes) took to the ramps and glistened with oil.

rye berries and ramps

Just as I was finishing the rye berries, my friends began to arrive, and Sarah, Fil, Kirstin, Noah, and Karen were all game for the different textures of each grain (the brined pork tenderloin also worked, was passed separately). They are all, by the way, lovelier than this—I was enjoying their company too much to take a proper picture.

Sarah, Kirstin, Fil, Karen, Noah

For dessert, I spooned poached rhubarb over the rice pudding, and loved how these smart people filled the warm kitchen with their wit and laughter.

rice pudding with poached rhubarb and mint

This morning, I glanced at the chive flowers in the windowsill, in various stages of bloom,

chive flowers

chive flowers

chive flowers

slipped one into the remainder of the rye berries with scrambled market eggs,

chive flower in rye berries and eggs

and then ate it (that’s the best sort of flower) and in a playful, warm way, it was all yellow.

rye berries and ramps with eggs

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