finding rue meynadier

gazebo in Cannes

Arriving in Cannes last week, Kevin and I listened to a gazebo full of musicians,

Carousel in Cannes

just past the carousel,

Le Rendez-Vous

as we ordered what turned out to be quite a large seafood paella complete with langoustines—and mussels while we waited—at Le Rendez-Vous (35 Rue Félix Faure) before drinks with friends nearer the sand.

On Tuesday morning, I found my way to Marché Forville,

Marche Forville in Cannes

Marche Forville in Cannes

with gleaming red currants in boxes with little handles,

currants at Marche Forville

other fruits (I was most interested in the apricots),

Marche Forville

silver bowls of marinated garlic and olives,

Marche Forville

red garlic heads,

Marche Forville

and bouquets.

flowers at Marche Forville

Leaving lovely cases full of pâté and cheese at the market, I wandered windy streets until I found rue Meynadier,

towards lunch

and the traditional French cooking of Aux Bons Enfants (80 rue Meynadier), where I sipped rosé as accordian players and children passed,

terrine and rose at Aux Bons Enfants in Cannes

began with terrine (the ingredients are chopped less finely than in pâté) and onion confit,

blanquette de veau at Aux Bons Enfants

then a very good blanquette de veau, with the softness of the famous stew against the crispy edges of the potatoes,

blanc manger with apricot at Aux Bons Enfants

and finished with blanc manger under apricots that I spooned slowly, stretching out the perfect lunch.

sel in Cannes

Intriguing salts rewarded further walking, and close by is a wonderful cheese shop, Ceneri (22 rue Meynadier) as well as Jean-Luc Pelé (36 rue Meynadier),

Jean Luc Pele

a dazzling store with glittering cases of macarons—

macarons of citron, cerises, foie gras et fleur de sel at Jean-Luc Pelé

my favorite of these three was the vodka citron, but do try the pale fleur de sel macaron filled with foie gras for the experience.

Back toward the Palais, badges fluttered for the Cannes Lions festival all week (awarding excellence in advertising),

Cannes Lions

and equally interesting, on the beach near the sessions, excellent sculpting shaped grinning large heads in the sand.

sand sculpture in Cannes

At an event put on by the Swedish contingent at Lions, Kevin’s delightful friend Nick smiled while he checked voicemail and Kevin concentrated on responding to texts, both blithely unaware they were the only ones still working as the waves crashed and everyone traded in little Swedish flags for drinks.

the only two with their phones out, working as usual

Then, Nick’s friend François arrived, more interested in the ocean than the party, and I watched children learning how to swim with the undercurrent as François borrowed my camera to take this one of Nick and Kevin in conversation (they aren’t always so serious),

Francois took this one

and this one of me, daydreaming about my afternoon on Île Saint-Honorat that I will tell you about tomorrow…

Francois took this one of me (thanks, Francois)

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