kthread spins: huckleberry friends

Summer music yawns its way in, impressively expansive. Lately, I am a sucker for glockenspiel and reminded that of Montreal crafts very fine lyrics.

My favorite tracks in this podcast are “Honey Life” by the Rentals, “Our Younger Noise” by Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and the “Moon River” tribute (to his mom) from Kid Koala with P Love. Song list below; more of my podcasts here.

green tree blur

“Day We Met” (Golden Ages remix) MillionYoung

“Living in America” (The Poindexter remix) DOM

“One Above One” Vitalic

“Glockenspiel Song” Dog is Dead

“Careful” Local Natives

“They Are Coming” (Warrior One remix) Husky Rescue

“Coquet Coquette” of Montreal

“Our Younger Noise” Letting Up Despite Great Faults

“Honey Life” The Rentals

“Saviour” Teen Daze

“G O R G E O U S” Mickey Mickey Rourke

“Moon River” Kid Koala and P Love

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