kthread spins: back to school

This one’s for my ITP class on communities (our class Tumblr and Twitter) that met for the first time on Wednesday, and for all of us who are transitioning, schooling ourselves in new fields, towns, time zones, and disciplines. Image from a summer attempt at night photography.

streaking light blur


“Phone” Magic Kids
“May I Walk with You” Star Slinger
“Cameras” Matt & Kim
“Motel” Dog is Dead
“Beautiful People” The Books
“You Wouldn’t Have to Ask” Bad Books
“Heard It On the Radio” The Bird and the Bee (Hall & Oates cover)
“El Día Previo” Algodón Egipcio
“Soak It Up” Houses
“9 Psychic Chasms” (Anoraak remix) Neon Indian
“Believer” (Little Louie remix) Goldfrapp
“Everyone You Wanted” (Fred Falke remix) Kele
“Fuck You” Anjulie (Cee-Lo cover reponse)

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