and mike made wild blueberry pancakes

wild blueberry pancakes

On Sunday morning, a few Sundays ago, Keryn and Mike were the perfects hosts, indulging us with Mike’s wonderful pancakes and letting us sleep very late (that’s Kate’s butter, of course).

Note: This is the third in a series of three posts about Maine. You might start with the first or second post.

Keryn likes her pancakes with blueberries throughout and on top (and with these native wild blueberries, I heartily agree with her preference),

this is how Keryn likes her pancakes: with blueberries inside, and plenty of wild blueberries on top

and Fil and I smiled at all the fun of the day before.

with Fil, on Keryn and Mike's new entryway bench

Late that afternoon, Keryn arranged the perfect spread of charcuterie and cheese, and a little while later, we were off to the ever-crowded Primo for their oyster night.

late afternoon spread (perfect thing for a Sunday night)

On Monday, I went foraging with my friend Evan on an island, gathering berries,


Maine island

foraging in Maine

happening upon chanterelles,

chanterelles in Maine

and some of the rose hips that grow all over the area.

rose hips

Monday night, Keryn (who even manages to rock rain boots) drove us to Ladleah and Shane’s,

Ladleah and Keryn with good things from Ladleah's garden

where Ladleah’s gardening skills were in abundant evidence.

garlic and squash from Ladleah's garden

Ladleah had made a lovely blueberry buckle for the next morning’s sailing outing,

buckle for the trip

in a spare moment after making her famous salsa,

Ladleah's famous salsa and pickles

and then she showed us her gardens (Ladleah gardens for others as well, so these are her personal gardens that she works on in her free time).

Ladleah and her gardens

Ladleah's garden

I haven’t seen tomatillos on the vine before,


and Ladleah introduced us to an heirloom cucumber she adores.

heirloom cucumber

We glimpsed the dramatic hanging purple beans,

purple beans in Ladleah's garden

and the first apples on the tree in the future orchard.

first apples on the apple tree

Before we left for dinner, we all smelled the mint on her porch, a scent I now associate with Maine, and its crisp air, and the beautiful people I am lucky to know there.

herbs (mint) around Ladleah's house

On our way back to Brooklyn on Tuesday, Fil and I drove through the Berkshires to visit Ethan and Rachel and meet Drew (Ethan drew us a map for the way back and recommended his favorite series of highways).

Ethan, Rachel, Drew, Fil (Ethan is drawing us a map to drive to Bklyn)

In their unique and incredible house, we marveled at the view that goes on and on, appropriate for a couple that is wise and witty in equal measure (and one I am excited to return to visit for longer).

the incredible view from Ethan and Rachel's porch

Just as Ethan had said, we passed sculptures too intriguing not to stop for,


the Circle Museum

and we made a note that more exploration is necessary of this place,


and perhaps also of the miniature golf at the Red Rooster Drive-In next time the drive includes these roads…

the Red Rooster Drive-In

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  1. Mica says:

    I love the heirloom cucumber! It is so cute and slightly spiky-looking.

    Wild blueberry pancakes with homemade butter sound just about perfect right now.

  2. Kristen says:

    I dream about pancakes, but it doesn’t seem like a problem…what I didn’t take a picture of was how Ladleah’s face lights up when she talks about her vegetables…

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