picnic on a thursday


On Thursday, to celebrate the last warm day of the season, I convinced Tricia, Dan, and Tarikh to picnic with me in Brooklyn’s Ft. Greene Park.

Tricia sparkled with her wonderful energy as we walked through the crunching leaves,


and met Dan at the monument, where he was waiting with his usual delicious food—

The Prison Ship Martyrs Monument 1908

this time, veg sushi with a brilliant dipping sauce (that I sneaked extra spoonfuls of).

Dan's beautiful veg sushi and stunning dipping sauce

Tarikh biked off to find a corkscrew, and we unwrapped my picnic supplies for the occasion: quinoa with squash and harissa, rice noodles with pea shoots and mung bean sprouts tossed with the Momofuku ginger-scallion sauce, which shared plate space next to Dan’s hand-rolled sushi.

quinoa with veg and harissa, rice noodles with sprouts and ginger-scallion sauce, and Dan's sushi with dipping sauce

It was a day to savor and to wrest the final dregs of summer sunshine, but also a day to embrace new skills—

I am happy to note that all of our picnic was gluten-free (gfree, in common parlance) food, a personal goal for me since I met Dan this spring and learned about his impressive food that is within these parameters.

And we all embraced taking a few hours away from work in the afternoon, to laugh and talk about what the rest of the year might bring… (prediction: likely some wonderful things for these talented three friends of mine…)

Tricia, Dan (Tarikh in background)

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  1. Mica says:

    Ahhh, I think it’s already too cold here for a picnic. Time to embrace winter!

    Are you trying gluten-free as a culinary challenge or because you’re interested in the health benefits?

  2. Kristen says:

    It’s cold in NY now too, Mica, but it was so nice to have a last warm spell! I’m interested in gluten-free as a whole way of thinking about food, and also because I have a few good friends now who eat in that way.

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