kthread spins: adroit

It’s been far too long. With my compliments: an overdue podcast in this week of travel and transition into the gifting season (scroll for the song list). When I was in Santa Cruz recently, Margaret and I paused to watch an otter rolling over and over, sending ripples out to the surrounding boats. I was impressed by his adroit turns.

sea otter ripples

“Since I Left You” – The Avalanches
“Violet” (Kiss Kiss Fantastic cover) – Paperfangs
“Not In Love” – Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith
“Overboard” – Dirty Gold
“You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve” – Johnny Boy
“Into the Sun” – Lord Huron (Teen Daze remix)
“Flight of the Feathered Serpent” – Fuck Buttons
“A Europewide Search for Love” – Ballboy
“In Love, Not Limbo” – Of Oceans
“oxycodon//whatever you’re into” – Phantom Power
“They were dextrous” – Swallows Fly Low
“The Portal” – Psychic Powers (James Figurine remix)
“Heat and Hot Water” – ARMS (Passion Pit remix)
“This is the Remix” – Girl Talk

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