adding the powder before embossing the invites

The theme was peacock feathers. And so the programs being powdered (before embossed with a special gun) were cut into feather shapes, secured with a fastener, and then decorated so they could function, cleverly, as a fan in the extreme summer heat.

Kat cutting out wedding invites

That night, a few days before the wedding, my youngest sister Kassandra, returned to the house, filled with her amazing friends from all corners of the world wrapping the wedding hotel guest gifts, to regale us with stories of her own about her recent adventures with her fiancé, Sean.

I wish I knew what story she was telling

Surprises dictated the week, as a dear family friend continued to cinch the wedding dress in tighter for the big occasion.

Miss Shirley being a magic seamstress on the wedding dress

The bachelorette party, 14 strong, each shared a story over dinner; Kassandra defended, Sierra winced, and David covered his face.

Kassandra telling a story, Sierra wincing, David covering his face

Until Sierra took her turn and almost made the bride fall out of her chair with laughter.

Sierra's face is amazing

The bachelorettes called Kassandra ‘The Tay,’ and that became the bride’s codename for the week, adorning cupcakes for the bowling party that followed dinner,

Here Comes The Tay cupcakes

where their bowling warm-ups revealed how many dancers were in the mix.

there are a lot of interesting things happening in this picture

And how many performers.

Kat took this one (it's my favorite of Amber)

We all wore our pink sashes proudly; Kassandra has surrounded herself with a group of individuals that are delightful to be around bowling, dining, or wielding embossing guns.

(Kat took this picture and many below. I’ll indicate her photography underneath; one of her many talents is a very fine way with the camera).

more bowling alley (Kat took this, posting for Kass)

bowling alley fun

even more bowling fun

And the following groggy morning (dancing continued late into the night), we all gathered at Kassandra and Sean’s beautiful new house to picnic and toast to the two days ahead.

picnic at Kass and Sean's house (Kat took this one)
photo by Katrina Taylor

Following the picnic, the bridal party headed over to set up the venue space and place the bride’s handmade candles and vintage cameras on the tables,

Kat took this one of the tables
photo by Katrina Taylor

and a few hours later, the rehearsal began.

the script (Kat took this one)
photo by Katrina Taylor

photo by Katrina Taylor

photo by Katrina Taylor

practicing (Kat took this one)
photo by Katrina Taylor

and Grampa made everyone laugh in agreement at his approval rating for the wedding.

Gramps gives a thumbs up (Kat took this one)
photo by Katrina Taylor

Kat took this one
photo by Katrina Taylor

hugging the moms (Kat took this one)
photo by Katrina Taylor

The following morning, the bridesmaids and mother of the bride assembled in her childhood room to pin the veil,

pinning the veil in

Mom pinning the veil in

and then we all dressed and met Kassandra, with her wonderful college roommate Caitlin doing her duty and holding the train above the grass,

Kat took this one of Cait doing her bridesmaid duty for the bride
photo by Katrina Taylor

while I chased antebellum umbrellas across the plantation house’s lawn,

this is my favorite wedding image of me (I'm chasing down skittering antebellum umbrellas)
photo by Katrina Taylor

and then dashed off to meet the talented musicians: Amber, who was also the Mistress of Reception Ceremonies (and who you will recall from family holiday videos), and my handsome Facebook husband Stewart Pillow who composes and sings. The two sing well together, which is another happy happenstance of the weekend.

Amber and Stewart practicing

Soon, it was time for Kassandra to take up her bouquet of vintage brooches that our aunt Pamela Aiken created,

photo by Courtney Rosen

and for the exchange of vows and music in a ceremony the two wrote together (including music that Sean composed and his sister played during the procession).

photo by Courtney Rosen

The bride and groom beamed at each other, at the family and friends in attendance, and then entered the hall,

photo by Courtney Rosen

and after dinner, I started the toasts (look how dashing Stewart is at his piano on the left!),

photo by Courtney Rosen

shocking the groomsmen with Kassandra’s impressive pull-up record in elementary school – proof that she has always been fierce.

photo by Courtney Rosen

The dancing went on and on, as it will in a room of dancers and instructors, and the couple ran through sparklers (note Kat’s choice of alternate fiery accessory) to pull away in a beautiful vintage car.

photo by Courtney Rosen

Happy wedding, and happy marriage, Kassandra. Know that no matter what, your bridesmaids are here for you as your special police detail…in sickness and in health, as long as we all can steal mirrored sunglasses off boys…

photo by Courtney Rosen

All the images (except those by Courtney Rosen) are in this Flickr set. Thanks to Kat for taking such stunning photos, as always, and being there for me during the week too.

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  1. Mica says:

    I wanted to devote a good chunk of time to this post because I knew that it would be such a fun read and visual treat (Well, like all of your posts…). Congratulations to Kassandra and Sean. It looks like a really beautiful wedding with so much creativity and so many personal touches!

    I love how you and your sisters are all so unique, but you all seem to really appreciate and enjoy your individual differences. Your family is really neat and special, and I am so glad that you share your gatherings with the Internet world!

    Also, kisses to Stewart!

  2. Kristen says:

    Laura, we all made it :) It was quite a week. Come visit NY soon!

    Mica, I’ve just learned on your blog that you are training to be a combat fitness instructor? Wow. How I spent my summer indeed. Stewart and Amber were marvelous musicians, and this is a family that supports each other.

    Happy summer!

  3. Grampa says:

    Love everything you do. I hated to see you discourage getting a PhD. I can’t get it back. Was it removed? Love you much.

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